Tikhvin Cemetery – Saint Petersburg – Russia

The Tikhvin Cemetery (in Russian Тихвинское кладбище) was originally named ‘New Lazarus’, and was founded in 1823.
In the years 1869-1871 in the north of the cemetery was built the church sanctuary dedicated to the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin. Money to build a church in the Byzantine-Russian style were donated by the family Polejaeffs. In 1876, The New Lazarus was renamed Tikhvin Cemetery. The church was closed in 1931.
In the years 1935-1937 the Soviet government tried to rebuild and rehabilitate the cemetery (Sandler and Architects Reimers), in connection with the organization of the “Necropolis of artists.”
In the necropolis there are monuments erected in the second half of the nineteenth century to the present day, with a clear prevalence of the monuments of this century and the beginning of the twentieth century.

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