Cemetery of Amandola – Fermo – Italy

The cemetery of Amandola, a village in the province of Fermo, is a small oasis of peace surrounded and protected suggestively from the Sibillini Mountains, this last theater of numerous legends related to the occult. Dating from around 1800, this little pearl contains several monumental architectural styles: simple, linear, but also sought after. Over the years there has been expansion works and the new buildings are situated near the main entrance, but it is the old part that fascinates and draws. Arranged in terraces and perched at the foot of a hill. At the sides and out of the monumental chapels, were several graves on the ground, topped by crosses and sculptures now corroded by time. The side aisles next to the ossuary have details in wrought iron and travertine floor…


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Stefania was born in Marino, in the province of Rome, in 1974. After her studies and diploma in Tourist Operator, she entered the world of work and with the money of her first salary she bought her first camera. In recent years he has lived between Rome and Florence, surrounded by wonders known all over the world. She has always been a lover of the world of photography, and as a simple spectator she begins to deal with the subjects that fascinate her most, the cemeteries.

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