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Cemetery: Burying place of the dead

from Greek:[koimeterion] place where you go to sleep, from[koiman] to sleep.

Large and cilestrino the sky over the cemeteries: great conquest of human evolution, cities consecrated to respect for the imperturbable sleep of those who have died, the cemetery becomes the first step towards overcoming death as absence – physical coexistence of the homes of the living and those of the dead, memories of men moored to the earth with the anchor of a tombstone.

Far from the crowded monumental cemeteries, which really with the splendor pursue the immortality of the buried in a posthumous whirlwind of concessions and payments, we encounter the silence, in our countryside, of exterminated military cemeteries that with their low stalks or slender crosses and their unknown soldier “unbekannter soldat” eighteen-year-old boys who are underground; but further still, drowned in the earth, smoothed by the rain of millennia, the lost cemeteries of extinct and serene civilizations – from the used countryside of Tarquinia to the highland ice-creams in the heart of Anatolia – observe the troubles of our passing societies, privileged places to be admitted to reflections of deep breath, participating in an intimate and vital cycle that always crosses the fertile womb of the earth.

A collaborative photographic project initiated and managed by Andrea Pede

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